Devon Wiersma

A paint-anywhere graffiti game
A hidden object adventure game where you search and explore beautiful, hand-crafted 3D dioramas.
An abandoned city block. A forgotten people. A found recording.
An ultra-light RPG system for 2+ players requiring no cards or dice - just some friends and a little imagination.
A simple tool to display a VTuber from .png images that changes dynamically while speaking
"Who Killed My Uncle" is a narrative game set in WWII about censorship, loss, and family you'll never get to meet.
Role Playing
A multiplayer rhythm game
A dreamlike hidden object puzzler
A "FREE Meyers-Briggs personality test" which will tell you more about yourself!
Interactive Fiction
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A one-button narrative adventure game created for #TOJam12 - What Twelves Below
Visual Novel
A physics-based puzzle prototype where you must guide a caravan down a path to safety!
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A prototype physics puzzle game based on a...bit of an old aesthetic
An arcade space shooter for 2-100 players
The first issue of the Dare To Suck zine on the topic of bad video games and bad moral choices
A simple, 3D skeeball-like sports game
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A simple versus game with yodelling.
A #PDJam3 game about a simple man who can take any shape
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In a world ravaged by not air balloons, only one player can find the gems.
A narrative adventure game about loss, war, censorship, wild dogs and home.